Are you busy taking breaks?

There is a discussion going on about whether procrastination is actually good for creativity or not .

I personally agree with Timothy A. Pychyl, who says that creativity needs time but is not to be mixed up with the tendency to NOT work when work is due.

Being a successful creative actually needs a lot of hard and focused work.

Procrastination means avoiding something important while keeping busy with something less important.

I am a great fan of taking breaks

While procrastination is not very productive (but very common and usually nothing to worry about), I value taking time off. I especially value time that SEEMS LIKE you are not doing anything. It is in these times that the brain creates new connections and strengthens existing ones – meaning: you learn and you come up with new ideas.

What kind of breaks help you learn and create?

Actually when I needed to study huge amounts of facts and concepts for my psychology exams, I took this advice from my textbooks, and it really worked:

– I made sure to take breaks every other hour or so.

– In these breaks, I stayed away from anything too distracting, anything that would come in the way of those neurons to do their work in my head. Like, listening to music is fine, watching a horror movie is not.

– Going for walks is actually my favorite way to spend that time when I notice that my head is working but needs its time on its own.

– Before going to bed I also avoided any too exiting new information and so gave my brain a chance to keep working and organizing information while I was sleeping.

Your brain needs sometimes some alone time. If you want to be productive, take breaks.

Own your breaks: “Please don’t put through any calls, I am going to be looking out of the window”