5 days of intercultural training & facilitation experience for professionals

In May 2019, I collaborated with inspiring colleagues to host this innovative, dynamic and very successful Trainer and Facilitator’s Bootcamp in Barcelona. We are very happy to announce that we will add an advanced edition: Even more focus on group dynamics, sharing, getting feedback, practicing and experimenting with innovative methods for your groups and classes.

If you have already some experience in training or facilitating, speak English and want to grow in a fun and intercultural environment, sign up now!

In collaboration with Susanne Rieger (Indialogo), Ulrich Schubert and Anna Fuchs.

What: 5 days of experiencing intercultural training & facilitation tools, methods and dynamics. 4 experienced hosts with focus on group dynamics & conflicts, intercultural communication, innovative training & facilitation methods (including visual facilitation) & gamification.

Who: Participants are trainers and facilitators with professional experience. Required is at least a basic train the trainer degree or practical experience in the areas of facilitation, training or group moderation.

Why: Improve your training/facilitation style by getting feedback and updating your knowledge and skills. Exchange experiences, tips and tricks with colleagues and get new inspiration and ideas!

How: Plan, execute, reflect, improve <repeat>

When: 2×2,5 days from Nov 6th-8th and Nov 27th-29th 2019

Where: Barcelona, city centre (Rambla Catalunya 15)

How much: 1.600€(Full price) / 1.300€ (early-bird till Sept 15th/reduced rate)